I can absolutely recommend these ankle boots. new red timberland boots

I have the Ara Mantova boat in the color: gray. The heel is 45 mm high, not as inadvertently described above 1 cm, but that can be seen in the picture. My usual shoe size (40, or 6.5) fits exactly. I checked the boots an the first time from the outside and had to realize that a very high-quality workmanship of the best material took place. The shoes look good in spite of strong sole and block heel and can be combined in my opinion very well to quite a lot of clothing variants. Then I am reingschlüpft and I felt directly comfortable.mens timberland boots, The inner sole has a padding from the heel to the footbed and makes the shoe wonderfully comfortable. The processed nubuck leather is pleasantly handy and wonderfully soft. An easy-going zipper is provided on the inside for easy access. On the outside there is a Strethc-insert, which increases the comfort still further. Nothing pushes and tweaks. For the optical kick, there is a small decorative zipper underneath the stretch insert with a zipper from the uniform nubuck leather of the boots. Even when walking, the quality of the shoe proves. You go as in “slippers” you would say, and so comfortable and comfortable. The grippy, well-profiled sole and the block heel can be safely walked without a risk of slipping.

I can absolutely recommend these ankle boots. new red timberland boots,

Even with the first look of the ankle boots I have been inspired for the style and the materials used (upper material is made of soft nubuck leather). And then I tried them for the first time: the shoes fit great and were very comfortable right away. Perfect. Only at the high heels I had to get used to something else.

These super comfortable shoes were still comfortable after a long wearing and after a working day the feet were not at all tired or drained.

And then, of course, the look: Simple, somewhat globic but perhaps elegant. The raised heel is 4.5cm high, but the large support area never loses the grip – even as an unfamiliar saleswoman.

There are two zips on the sides: the zipper on the side of the shoe makes it easier to move in, the second is located on the edge of the shank and serves as a decorative zipper.

The report was created as part of a friend’s Trend Lounge project. timberland boots for men white,

I was very lucky to be able to test the Ara Mantova through a project of the “Girlfriend Trend Lounge”.

Already when they arrived and I opened the box, I was very impressed by the design and the noble workmanship, especially the high-quality leather leaves a very good impression.

As soon as you put it on you have the impression they fit the foot and not vice versa. timberland 6 inch premium boot black,

Also what I like very much, the foot is very narrow and therefore really elegant.

In order for me to assess them better, I then subjected them to a multi-hour shopping test and can say you can not feel them, you have a wonderful running feeling.

All in all, who is looking for a good, timberland boots 8 inch,elegant and comfortable shoe, makes everything right here.

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