because I have this not in stock.timberland boots outlet

Hi, are the timberland Mount Hope ftw dam schneest.l cut rather small? Can you please measure outsole of the shoe, for gr. 41 and 42?


Hi, I usually wear size 39 or 40 and have taken size 40 fit perfectly, even with thick socks. Size 41/42 I can not say ….

Hi Simone,

Size 42 I can not measure, because I have this not in stock.timberland boots outlet,

I hope I can help you.

Sincerely yours

Spahr Shoe




Is the shoe for excursions in the appropriate Alps (mountain hiking in the snow)? I doubt bezgl. Oppression in the lax area above the ankle?


I would say yes, because the tab region for is and to assume the ankle up and right top are even sealed to put together.timberland boots store,

In the mountains, so we were not yet and I overstep crosses deeper than the height of the ankle, but well set up, I have no doubt that the shoe can conquer the mountain.

But to order a P.S. Bigger, otherwise it will be tight! ;




Keep the shoes a few hours snow (sledding / walking) really look like? Look without getting wet feet or that leather taken


Yes, absolutely! The last winter time with the kids in the snow -, hot and dry feet and boots see nothing on! timberland boat shoes,

Yes, they keep him out. Of course, one must cultivate according to the leather, otherwise it seems logical sometimes beaten.

So in our experience, I can tell you, ask with a “yes” answer. cheap timberland boots,

Of course, need these shoes (like all leather shoes) for use requiring some care, but the boots are no restrictions perfectly usable !! (And look very good!)



Hello. The boots through fed inside? Thank you. timberland 6 inch boots sale,


Hello, yes, the shoe is lined throughout the interior. Smaller size of normal. Very comfortable winter boots.

Hello, yes, the shoe is fully lined inside.

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