Timberland Company Suffers A Lot Before Success

Timberland Company Suffers A Lot Before Success

At this moment I will tell you something about Abraham Lincoln. In 1832, he lost his job and he felt so distressing that he decided that he planned to be an admirable politician then he ran for the state senator nevertheless the outcome was bad. Both were the big hits for him as a result he felt extremely sad. After thinking for a short time he made his mind up to run a company so as to make money and also find the confidence. Nevertheless things again went opposite to his plan, his corporation went bankrupt and he lived a very difficult life during the following 17 years since he had to pay the debts. In our eyes perhaps these are big troubles and we may possibly give up nonetheless Lincoln never said no to himself therefore he ran for the state senator and life did not give up him and he succeeded.mens timberland boots,

In the year 1835, he promised to marry. It was a big thing for one’s life, however he could not marry to his fiancee for the reason that she was dead several months previous to their wedding. This was a moral blow that he was wholly fatigued both mentally and physically and he suffered from psychasthenia in 1836. With two years’ time-out, he felt much better and afterward he decided to run for the state parliament speaker but he failed another time. He did not suffer the loss of hope but go on to take part in the campaign for the congressman and he failed. In our perspective, life is so harsh to him. Although he tried numerous times and failed again and again, he never gave up which makes us show consideration for him so. new red timberland boots,Let’s suppose that if we are the protagonist of these suffers, what would we do? Would we give up or stick to them? Now and then we ought to think about these questions and offer ourselves an answer. At least, Lincoln did not give up and in 1846, he ran for the congressman once again and at last made it.

The time when in office passed quickly, two years were not a long time so it came to the ballot vote again and Lincoln wanted to be reappointed consecutitively because he did the job superbly. Nevertheless when the outcome appeared, he was shocked because he lost the chance. And he lost a large sum of money due to the election then he applied to be a land official but as we guess that his application was withdrawn by the government who said that the land officials should have outstanding ability and first-class intelligence and your application does not gratify both requirements. Rome is not build in one day accordingly we ought to learn to tolerate the very hardships that life gives to us. And Lincoln did not admit defeat. In 1854, he ran for senator but failed, and two years later, he ran for the nomination of vice-president but was defeated by the opponent. Two years passed quickly and he again ran for the senator, the result was the same—failed. I even can not list another person who suffers so many difficulties, so Lincon truly deserves our respects. He never lost the hope of pursuing his goal and at last life gave him a big reward—-the title of America president.timberland boots for men white,

The ways towards success is always not easy since our life is not full of roses but setbacks. No matter how hard the road is, timberland 6 inch premium boot black, timberland boots 8 inch, we must persevere in our dream and never give up. A similar story to him is the triumph of timberland corporation which is also very prominent and successful now in the world market. Timberland company wins a seat at the world marketplace owing to its hard work and the firmness. All well-known and successful cases show us that it is very vital for us to persevere in our dream or goal if we would like to be successful.

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